Don Weidner

Angel investor and Owner at Formidable Ventures

Don enjoys a turn-around project.  He has turned money-losing properties into cashflow successes.  He has renegotiated Fortune 500 supplier contracts saving millions.  He has streamlined engineering and manufacturing processes for the elite companies in tech.


In 2005, he began making more money studying the stock market at night than he made working all day for the Fortune 500.  So he quit.


He now runs Formidable Ventures, an investment business built upon exponential technologies and aggressive growth — artificial intelligence, robotics, solar energy, cryptoassets and the private space industry.


He has been interviewed by KIRO radio, International Business Times, the Seattle Times, and IEEE Spectrum.  He has appeared in Luxe magazine and Seattle Metropolitan magazine. He has been asked to speak at the Columbia Tower Club and has been an expert panelist at the global NewSpace conference and at the AIAA Technical Symposium.


His world class sci-fi collection also appreciates faster than your stock portfolio.

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